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What is TICO HOTEL CAB? will allow you to be more friendly with your leaving guests, because using you will able to help your guests arrive to their final destinations without any complications. Just book them a shuttle not only to the the departure airport, but also from the arrival airport to their destination.

When the client is asking for a shuttle to the departure airport, just offer him to get a shuttle from the arrival airport to his destination. Very often your client plans to get an airport taxi, so your client surely will be interested, because he won't have to stand in a queue for the airport taxi and carry his luggage, he won't have any additional risks, because he doesn't have to pay in advance.

Book a shuttle for your client from the arrival airport to his destination and get 3 EUR reward from us!

540.00 EUR
Choose flight
Arrival date
Number of passengers
Conctact information

How it works

The client asks for a
shuttle to the airport
The hotel administrator makes two shuttle orders.
1: from the hotel to the departure airport
2: from the arrival airport to the client destination.
The driver takes the client
to the departure airport
The client takes
his flight
Our driver meets the client
and helps with luggage
Our driver takes the client to
his destination and receives a payment
We transfer a 3.00 EUR
reward to you.
Happy client arrives to his
destination without any complications